Friday, January 16, 2009


I ordered my new knitting needles today! Although I decided that I would only weigh myself weekly on Mondays (to keep myself from weighing every day and obsessing), my workout partner was running a bit late today, so I decided to check. Woo hoo! Five pounds! My jeans are fitting much better and I'm feeling really good about myself. Course, I'm also craving pizza and caramel (no, not at the same time, I'm dieting, not pregnant), but I can handle that. I've been letting myself have Saturday for treats. Keeps me sane.

So, time to set up the next prize, right? So, here it is. It's probably a bit bigger than my milestone rewards should be, but I really want them and have for a while, so rather than just go out and buy them, they have become a carrot on a stick.

Also, on the news front. Baby Girl has gotten into one of the better pre-schools in the area! It's not nearly so hard to get kids into school down here as it is in cities like New York, but it is kinda important because you're set up for your kid to move directly into the upper school. She'll start in the fall, but is on the waiting list to start earlier should a space open up. What in the world would I do with all the free time that would free up?


Anonymous said...

Keep going, skinny girl!

Knit and Purl Mama said...

I weigh in every day to and obsess. It's not good! I had no scale in Florida and was jonesing to know every day! I didn't lose any weight while gone, darn! Even with all the walking we did :(

YEY on the needles! Go you!

Also yey on the school!

Lara said...

I think that is a very reasonable reward - 10 pounds is a LOT! (Then again, maybe I say that because I jumped from a $30 reward to a $100 reward from 5 to 10 pounds myself - ha). Woot! And congrats to Lilly!