Thursday, January 29, 2009


So, I'm not sure if I'm happy or sad today. I think it's a little of both and I'll tell you why. My big brother is here to visit. (That's happy) He is one of my bestest friends and he's about to start working for Hubby's company. I know I haven't given a whole lot of details about the company, but it involves boats and Big Brother is going to be working as a deck hand and hopefully within the next 6 months to year working his way up to captain. Captains make pretty good money! He's going to be working shifts that are 28 days long and then off for two weeks. So, when he's going offshore, he will come over here and stay a night before and after his shift. On other exciting Big Bro news, he also has gotten back together with his ex-girlfriend whom the whole family loves. She's really smart and laid-back (perfect for Big Bro). Not to say she doesn't have some issues, we all do, but we really think they are great for one another and are happy to see them back together. This means that Big Bro will be moving from our hometown in Northwest Florida down to Miami to be with her. That's a little sad for me and my parents. It's the farthest away from him I will have ever lived!

In preparation for his move (he has to do it in the two week spans in between his shifts), he has begun packing. Here come the real sad part. Several years back, Big Bro was with a different girl and they were expecting a baby. I made him a couple of baby sweaters, socks and blankets for the baby shower. Then at eight months, they lost the baby. Their relationship didn't survive (a long story, but a good thing). Anyhow, he's been holding on to those baby gifts this whole time and now that he's moving, he doesn't really have a place to keep them. So he brought them to me. It's sad for me to look at those things I made for a little girl who didn't get to know how much she was loved even before we knew her. I told Big Bro I would keep them, but they are still his for when he and his girlfriend (soon to be fiance) need them.

Now comes the question...should they have a baby, do I give him/her the items or is it weird considering they were made for a half-sister that died? Would it be better if I just made something new? Or should I give them the original gifts with something new, too?

Okay, I'm worrying way in advance. Big Bro and his love are not expecting and may not be for a while, but these are the things I'm thinking about today.


Anonymous said...

i think the future new baby needs new stuff. The old stuff would probably serve a needy baby very well. Donating the items might turn a sad memory into a blessing for someone else.

Just a thought

Solanaceae said...

I agree with Monkey & was going to offer the same sentiment before I clicked over to see it was already here. There are lots of organizations who collect items other than blankets for babies & I remember one in particular that takes the items and then wraps them in homemade blankets to give to babies/new mothers in need.