Monday, January 26, 2009

Grace in Small Things - 3 and 4 of 365

Okay, so I didn't even turn on my computer this weekend, so I'm having to play catch-up on my Grace in Small Things entries.

Saturday, Jan 24

#1 - Finding not one, but two beautiful ball gowns
#2 - A night out, without baby girl, with a wonderful girlfriend
#3 - A hubby who leaves me schmoopy messages with Baby Girl telling me how much they love me.
#4 - No Rules Saturday - a day off from the healthy eating of the week!
#5 - Curbside Take-Away from Outback

Sunday, Jan 25

#1 - My Mom and Dad who came to visit for a night before heading off on a cruise
#2 - The super-cute re-usable shopping bags they have at the Disney Store right now. They will be perfect for knitting projects!
#3 - The New Orleans aquarium and how much Baby Girl loves it.
#4 - Haagen-Daaz Caramel ice cream - yes, I know it's not Saturday, but it was just too tempting!
#5 - Getting started on my entry for the Lion Brand Yarn, Vanna's Choice contest nearly halfway finished. It needs to be done by the 31st, wish me luck!

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