Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Update on Baby Girl's Insides....

Wow, have you noticed that despite the name of my blog, I seem to spend very little time actually knitting lately. Hmm, maybe I've managed to find my 12-step program after all....I do have a couple of projects going right now, I just haven't had time to work on them!

I know I promised to fill you in on Baby Girl's brithday party, but we've had a couple of other things going on the past few days and I've been just a little stressed about one of them. After Baby Girl's UTI, the follow-up includes an X-ray study of her renal system and an ultrasound. Of course, I told myself that these were just precautionary tests and that nothing was wrong with my girl other than having had a bad experience with a dirty diaper. And there was about an 80% chance that I was right. So, I packed Baby Girl up for the hospital yesterday with very few concerns except for how she would handle having these tests done to her.

The first study was the X-ray, also called a VCUG. It is not a very pleasant test for a little one (or big one, I would imagine) because they start the test by catheterizing the child and pumping the poor kid's bladder full of contrast dye. The point of the test is to check and see if any of the dye leaks back up into the ureters and then on to the kidneys. I was holding her shoulders and one of the techs was holding her legs during the study. She was such a good girl and didn't fight them at all, but she cried the whole time and I could tell how scared she was as the X-Ray machine got closer to her. You don't know how bad I was chanting in my head, "c'mon, no kidneys! No kidneys!" It was like that old game show where the contestants wanted "big money, no whammies!" Poor Baby Girl, she got a whammie! Clear as day, you could see one of her ureters on the screen. I, of course, tried to ignore it, but the radiologist confirmed it for me. My little girl has a Grade 3 Renal Reflux! It goes on a scale from 1-5, so you might be thinking, okay three, it's the middle of the road, not too bad, right? Well, that's true. If it were a four or five, we'd be scheduling her for surgery right away. Unfortunately, until I meet with a pediatric urologist, I won't know what her treatment will be. Could be surgery, could be wait and see. All of it will involve her being on low-grade antibiotics for some time, though, because if she gets another bladder infection, it's going straight up to that kidney.

UUGGGHHH! So, that's the results of the X-ray. Did I mention that there was an ultrasound, too? So, after the X-ray, she calmed down really quickly, and we went to the cafeteria to get something to eat. Then back to Radiology for her next study. She was so freaked out until she realized that this test was nowhere near as invasive as the first one. I still don't have the results of that test, but I sent both studies to my dad on DVD so he should be reading them tonight. I love that my Daddy is a Radiologist and can swoop in to save the day!

So, we have a urologist appointment for November 21, and she's going to be on antibugs for a while. Keep your fingers crossed for my little sweetie, okay?

I promise, I will post some birthday pictures soon!

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Lara said...

I can't believe you have to wait until 11/21. I definitely suggest doing like I did with the boob scare and either find another doctor to see or call every day to see if they have a cancellation.

That is wonderful that your dad is able to review the results, too! I should have sent my boob shots to him! Except that sounds a little weird.