Friday, October 24, 2008

Can Elmo actually grow up?

So last night Baby Girl and I went to see the new Elmo stageshow, "When Elmo Grows Up". Now I was certainly of the belief that Elmo is a monster who will perpetually remain at around 4 years old, but hey, I guess we all grow up at some point. I'm still waiting to, of course.

I was really looking forward to the show because #1 - Lilly's best-friend, The Boy Next Door, was going with his parents and I knew they two of them would be thrilled to see each other and #2 - it was Lilly's first show like that and I really wanted to see her reaction. Other than that, I pretty much figured watching this show would probably send me into a diabetic shock at some point. Ah, the things we do for our kids!

We got to the show about twenty minutes before start time, which gave us plenty of time to find Baby Girl's BFF. When she spotted him, she yelled his name over and over until we got to them. The love each other as much as a pair of two-year-olds are capable of. I fear he is her Dawson to his Joey. We will have to separate them sometime around puberty. After visiting with him and his parents for a little while we made our way for the obligatory visit to the souvenir table to get a stuffed Elmo and a little t-shirt.

The show was actually surprisingly entertaining and Baby Girl LOVED it! You know your kid is being pretty cute when other parents are ignoring their own little sweeties and laughing at the exuberance that your own tyke is showing. She stood in my lap and danced her little heiny off! She cheered at all the appropriate places and even tried singing along even though she barely talks. What a blast!

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