Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Your conversion to the dark side is nearly complete...

Not so long ago, in a galaxy that isn't so far away at all, there was a young man who didn't know jack about knit and crochet or the difference between wool, merino, cashmere or anything else like that. He teased his then girlfriend about her hobby and rolled his eyes often as he didn't understand the value of or the love she had for her pastime.

Flash forward a couple of years, the girlfriend is now his wife and the obsession has not abated, if anything, it has gotten worse, now supplemented by his income and her stay-at-home status. He has begun to concede that a knitting addiction is certainly favorable to some other habits his dear one could have, such as crack or heroin, but still is not sold on why she loves it so much.

Enter two pairs of handknit socks, just for him. Oooh, cozy. Hmm, maybe her knitting isn't so bad as long as he gets socks every now and then that hug his feet just so....he's even been caught in a bar with one of his friends explaining to said friend why his lady loves her sticks and string so much. And modeling for her blog every now and then, well that's just kind of fun.

Oh, what is that? She wants to go to Atlanta with a girlfriend she hasn't seen in 16 years for a "knit convention" and spend lots of money. Okay, sounds alright. (This is when I knew I was starting to get to him) He wasn't entirely sold on the fact that she really was just going for the knitting until he talked to her each night and heard all about how they were knitting and drinking wine until all hours in the hotel room.

Wow, she's been making some cool stuff since she got back. Fair Isle, he's kind of impressed by that....

And this weekend, she knew his training was complete when she began hinting that she might like to go see the Yarn Harlot tonight and instead of pointing out that Fairhope, AL was two hours away, he looked at her and said, "Well, it's not so far and you do love the Yarn Harlot, right?"

Fairhope - here I come!


Solanaceae said...

That's pretty cool! :) Yea for supportive hubbies! Hope you had a great time!

Lara said...

That is awesome. Tell W I heart him. :) (I'm sorry the trip didn't work out, though).