Saturday, May 2, 2009

Things That Make Sarah Happy

1. The new playhouse that Hubby built while Bean and I were out of town. It's designed to just sit in the lawn, but he built a platform and porch for it as well as laying down pavers for a walkway. I love that he also picked out potted flowers for the porch. How cute is he?!

2. My little citrus trees. Yes, I know they look like twigs stuck in dirt, but look at my lemon tree:

If you look close, those are lemons already growing.

And my tangerine tree

Actually has tangerines!

3. While we were in Florida, I took Hubby and Bean to the restaurant that I worked at during the last bit of high school and the beginning of college. Tough place to work, huh? I mean, the view was terrible....

Don't they look great together on the beach?

4. New FO's to share with you guys!

The Moderne Log Cabin baby blanket revisited. Yes, I know it looks exactly the same, but I did reverse some of the colors.

Two little baby kimonos out of the same yarn.

And three little baby hats (actually more like toddler size) out of the same yarn again. I'm trying to use up the stuff so it doesn't re-enter the stash. I have two more skeins of it in white which will probably become a couple more kimonos, but I had to quit for a little while, I'm kinda sick of the stuff for right now.

I'm almost done with the LSU hooded sweater I'm working on for Bean. The sleeves are made, I just have to sew them on. I had intended this to be a bit big for her, but I think it's going to fit just about right. I'll make the next one (which will be U of F colors) a little bigger.


Dingo said...

I love that house! Do you think if I asked him "pretty, pretty please?" he'd come spruce up my sad looking terrace? He obviously has a good eye for that sort of thing.

Monkey said...

This post made me so happy- you have a delightful life!

carpoolknitter said...

You and Bean make me happy too. My girls would have given up candy AND TV (well, maybe not forever) for that gorgeous playhouse.

Knit and Purl Mama said...

Great FO's! They look awesome. Love the colors too!

Solanaceae said...

That house is too cute! And your projects, awesome! I have knit envy!

Lara said...

That is the cutest playhouse I have ever seen. Also, I remain in awe of your knitting speed! Damn, girl! I love all the FOs!