Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Scary Stuff

Okay, so I finished Bean's LSU sweater two days ago, but have failed to post pictures because I have yet to put in the zipper. Yeah, I guess that means I haven't actually finished, but the knitting is done, so that's something, right? Anyhow, I have to pull out the sewing machine to complete this project and I'm kinda scared. If I pull it out, that means I have to complete those other sewing UFO's, doesn't it? I don't want to be a seamstress, I'm a knitter!

So, now having said that, hopefully I will get motivated to do this. Usually putting things out there for you guys puts me under the gun to be less of a slacker. Photos to follow soon!


Solanaceae said...

My sewing machine has been sitting on my kitchen table for over a month now. My sewing projects seem to grow daily. I would rather crochet. I feel your pain! lol

Monkey said...

Go Sarah Go!