Saturday, April 11, 2009

More Hometown Videos

Okay, after posting the last video, I realized there were a couple more than needed to be shared, if for no other reason than two of my former classmates read this blog and it would make them smile. Hopefully, it makes the rest of you smile too!

First, is a video about Goofy Golf, a Ft. Walton landmark! My dinosaur just tipped over!

Next, is a radio plug about the video I first shared with you guys and then the intro from one of our old local programming shows.

And finally....Choctawhatchee High School, home of the Big Green Indian! Lara - can you gigalo! "We've got our hands up high, our feet down low, and that's the way we gigalo!" I had totally forgotten that cheer! And last but not least, our fight song, so creatively named "Fight On".

In case you want to sing along, or at least join the chant at the end, here are the words:

Fight on, Big Green, hear us holler
When the team comes down the field.
Fight on, Big Green, we will follow you;
We know you’ll never yield (yell) Not a doggone yard!
Fight on, Big Green, sing her praises,
Raise your voices loud and strong!
If the evening isn’t foggy, you can hear us clear to Boggy
Singing the Choctaw Victory Song.
What’s that racket? What’s that noise?
Who are all those football boys?
It’s the team of great renown!
The Choctaw Indians are back in town!


Monkey said...

what is a gigalo? I am really dying to know!

Lara said...

hahahaha! I forgot all about the gigalo. Awesome.