Monday, April 6, 2009


Finally, I'm taking a moment to sit down and show you guys some of the pretty things I've been making lately. Believe it or not, I haven't just been hoarding yarn, I've been making things, too!

I can't believe it's been over a month since I posted any new knitting pictures. I have been playing with yarn, I promise. In fact, I've been doing it rather than doing the things I should be doing, like housework and laundry. I've certainly been doing it instead of blogging. My priorities may be a bit off, but they are very definite - Lilly, Hubby and then knitting. Well, sometimes yarn does come ahead of's not right, but it does happen.

Anyhow, after Mardi Gras, I picked back up the socks that I had been making for Hubby (again, here's an example of my Mardi Gras socks coming ahead of Hubby's). His socks are made with Paton's Kroy sock yarn in Denim. I worked them from the toe up with cables running up both sides. I really like the cables, they give a really nautical appearance which I love since we're involved in the marine industry. I made them a bit tighter than I normally would, but Hubby likes his socks to "hug" his feet. I didn't make a reinforced heel on these because he just wears them around the house.

After I got done with his socks, I finally decided to work on the November sock kit I had from Robyn's Nest. I really enjoyed this pattern, it has a textured chevron pattern that I like, although it was hard to photograph. Robyn designs the socks for her sock club herself and I think she does a great job. What's really cool about this colorway is that what looks like strips going around the sock, is actually a spiral. I hope the recipient likes them! She won't get them for a while though, so I'll let you know later!

After making several pairs of socks, I decided it was time to work on something different. One of my dear friends and neighbors is expecting her second child in August and I decided that, rather than wait until the last second like I usually do, I was going to work on her gift now. I selected the Moderne Baby Blanket from the Mason Dixon Knitting book. It was going great until I started working on the border. I stepped out of the living room for less than two minutes and came back to discover Baby Girl with a pair of scissors. She announced to me, "I cut it" and seemed very proud of herself. I looked and it seemed like she only cut my working yarn, so, no big deal. I took the scissors away from her and told her she wasn't allowed to use them. Then I looked closer at my work. Then I frogged about two days worth of work...but it's done now and I love it, so we'll overlook the fact that the little one learned how to use scissors on my knitting. I liked the result of this project so much, I've already begun work on another one for one of Hubby's oldest friends and his wife who are expecting their first. After I finish it, I'm hoping to make some coordinating sweaters. I have a good bit of the yarn!

So, there's my adventures in knitting lately. I've been having a lot of fun.

Happy Knitting!


Solanaceae said...

The socks are very cool! I've made several of the "Log Cabin" baby blankets. They tend to work up pretty quick but I am not as good at picking colors as you and so I don't like any of mine as much as I like yours!

Anonymous said...

Great colors- and the little cutter is lucky she is so cute......

Lara said...

Oh, Sarah, the baby moderne log cabin turned out great! I LOVE your color choices! And of course the socks rock the house, too! Thanks for sharing!