Monday, March 16, 2009


Sorry about the whiny post yesterday. In truth, I really have no reason to be cranky right now. Yes, the weather is still crappy, but usually I don't mind a rainy day, gives me a good excuse to stay cuddled up in the house. Must be hormones, guys have it so good. You never see a man succumbing to the influences of too much or too little estrogen!

I love that my comments so far have not focused on the fact that I was being a little baby yesterday, but instead noticed the shopping aspect of the post. I did order some really fun stuff:

(Warning: Knit Picks plug!)

1. I got the yarn to make this kid's jacket that is featured in the Mason Dixon Knits second book. One thing I love about Knit Picks is that the yarn for this project only came to around $25, if I were to go to my favorite yarn shop here it would've cost a lot more.

2. I got two different sock sampler kits, spring/summer and fall/winter which each come with enough yarn to make six different pairs of socks and patterns. The last thing I really need is more sock yarn, but don't they look delicious?

3. Speaking of not needing any more sock yarn, I also got this sock yarn sampler. They have it in a few different color groups, but I love reds so I went with this one. I like that it's a "cocktail" of sock yarn and it gives you 12 different leg patterns, several heels and instructions for working from the top-down or toe-up.

4. I got this kit to make a cover for my laptop. I think it will look a lot nicer when I leave the computer out in the living room and I hate putting it in the briefcase looking thing that I have right now. I got it in red, because my 'puter is red. They also have it in blue, which looked really pretty, but it wouldn't have matched. I really want to try a project with steeks and this one only cost $13.99! Bonus!

5. Finally I got this sampler kit because it was really pretty and I haven't worked much with color like this. If I can actually pull this off, I will be really proud of myself!

Other than that, I got a few more dpns and some wood cabling needles to match my new harmony wood needles that I got a while ago. Yes, I went completely overboard, but I guess there are worse things I could be buying (drugs, alcohol, cigarettes) I mean, think of all the money I'm saving my husband by not being a drunken smoker, he should be more than happy to fund this yarn habit of mine!

I have decided that, with the exception of Stitches in April, I will not be buying any more supplies for six months. That means no more trips to Michael's or Hobby Lobby. No going into Garden District Needleworks "just to look". Seriously, me claiming that I'm going into a store like that just to look is like a guy claiming he only reads Playboy for the articles. It's lies, all lies! So, now that I've laid all this out, I expect you all to rip me a new one if I show up bragging about any new acquisitions, okay? I need your help, people!

So, now I'm off to tidy my house before I even let myself touch my needles today. I think maybe having the house in order will help my mindset immensely. Also, I have a couple of little projects that I've been meaning to get done that I'm determined to do. I owe my friend a CD of the pictures from our recent trip, need to post those same pictures to FB, print out and frame some family pics for our upstairs hallway and type up the pattern for my Vanna's Choice contest entry to send to another friend that I promised it to. I don't think I even made the finals, since they did not request the pattern from me. I'm a little disappointed because I was really proud of the result, but at least I have a pretty blankie to give to someone, right?

Okay, I'm off to try and be a useful member of my household today. Wish me luck!


Solanaceae said...

I think all of us will feel better when we get more sunshine! This weekend the sun was in full shine here and I noticed that I felt less blue after spending some time outside (with no jacket or boots!!) even if I was up to my ankles in mud. Of course a little therapeutic shopping never hurts either! lol I really liked the blanket you made for the contest, I thought it was beautiful!

Monkey said...

Oh how I wish we lived close to each other. i would stroke your hair, tell you how pretty you are, make you cookies and offer to babysit if only you would teach me hot to do the technique for the laptop cover. So. very. jealous! Wish I had your mad skillz

Sarah B. said...

Before heaping on such lavish praise you should wait until after the laptop cover is in my FO file rather than my "wishful thinking" file! I haven't tried these techniques yet, but figure a project this size will be the perfect jumping off point!