Friday, January 29, 2010

What a week! (and a contest notification)

Since you heard from me last, things have been a little crazy around here. I'll start out with the fun part!

Last Saturday night Hubby and I attended the Tucks Ball with a bunch of friends. I had a blast making my costume (in spite of a broken and throbbing foot). This is what can be made with about 15 yards of glitter tuille:

The picture is a bit blurry, since it was taken on my camera phone, but you get the idea! There are other pictures from the ball, but they make it abundantly clear that I was not the most sober person in the world, so I don't think I'm going to post them! The other girl in the picture is the infamous Kate (aka SB or Sugar Britches). She's the one who took care of Bean while Hubby and I were in Chicago last September. She's a Saints angel, and if you can't figure it out, that's a decapitated Viking on a stick. The ball was the night before the NFC Playoff game. I still cannot believe that the Saints are going to the SUPERBOWL!!!!

The ball was so much fun, in no small part because of the friends we were with! Tucks is one of the more irreverant krewes of Mardi Gras, so most of the people there were costumed instead of decked out in formal wear like most of the other balls. I'm sure you can see a huge difference between my attire here, and what I wore to the Eros ball last year. Both kinds are fun, but I think I like Tucks better!

Needless to say, I was hurtin' on Sunday. I definitely do not recover from drinking as well as I used to! Unfortunately, we had some family obligations the next day. Hubby's aunt and uncle were in town and we were expected over at the in-laws house for lunch. Not a terrible thing, Auntie is one hell of a cook and had homemade lasagna for us! But I was definitely not up to much socializing and used my foot and a percocet as an excuse for being a little more quiet that I normally would be.

My big brother came over that night to watch the NFC game with us (Geaux Saints!) and that was one hell of an exciting game. We were watching it on tape delay, which is usually great because you can fast forward through the commercials. It didn't work out so well for us this time, though, because we were about five minutes behind when the game actually ended. From where we were watching, the game was still tied and about to go into overtime, but our neighborhood exploded in fireworks, so the surprise was kind of blown for us. Maybe that's not such a bad thing, though, since we were all about to collectively have a heart attack!

After such a fun weekend, I was in a pretty great mood on Monday. The town was alive because fo the Saints and it was just a fun day to be out and about. Everyone in town was friends and we were all reliving the game again and again. But, like always, when things are going too well, a shoe was about to drop. When I picked Bean up at school that afternoon, she was coughing and definitely didn't feel very well. She went downhill rapidly and by that evening was running a pretty good fever as well. I let her sleep with me so I could keep a better eye on her. Not terribly condusive for a good night sleep, but I always sleep with her when she's sick.

Tuesday, she didn't even leave my room, I just brought her whatever she needed. We rested and cuddled most of the day. That night, her fever shot up even higher and she coughed a bunch. I kept treating her with Tylenol and an expectorant that we had from the pediatrician, and she responded a bit, but it was a rough night again. Wednesday, she seemed a lot better, the fever never went terribly high, so I really thought we had turned a corner. Unfortunately, that night was the worst of all and she was coughing so hard that she would cause herself to vomit. We definitely didn't sleep much that night and I had a lot of sheets that needed to be washed yesterday! Finally, I decided that I needed to take her into the doctor, she just wasn't responding the way she should be. Turns out, the cold she started out with had developed into a double ear infection and a mild case of pneumonia. Is it just me or does it seem weird describing any case of pneumonia that involves your child as "mild"?

So anyhow, now I have to give her amoxycillin twice a day, which is about as much fun as giving a cat a bath. I actually have to put the kid in time-out until she finally caves and takes it for me! Then, around four this morning, she needed some Mucinex really bad and I had to carry her downstairs and put her in the time-out chair before she would actually take the stuff! I am so tired today. But fortunately, she slept in this morning and I didn't get out of bed until almost 9:00. I think she must be doing better today, she's slept most of the morning, which I hope means she's breathing easier and finally getting the rest she needs to get better! Fingers crossed!

So, the summation of this very long story is, this week has basically sucked so far!

But did I mention that the Saints are in the SUPERBOWL! I swear, I keep thinking about that, and it keeps making me smile. So on that note, I want you to follow this link over to my favorite indie dyer's blog and check out the contest that she's running for the SUPERBOWL (yes, you do have to put it in all caps, all the time)! All the money's raised go to Charity: Water and will help benefit those suffering in Haiti by providing them with clean drinking water, something that is in desperately short supply. Brittany and her husband are offering up some really great prizes to keep the SUPERBOWL even more interesting! Oh, and did I mention, that if you win and you're not a knitter, I would be more than happy to lay claim to your prize....just puttin' it out there....