Monday, January 4, 2010

It's a New Year, now what?

So, I've obviously neglected this blog for a while and although I would love to catch you all up on everything that has been going on, one wants to read a post that long and it would kill me if you didn't think it was as interesting as I do!

Let's talk about this whole New Year thing. I know the standard practice is to come up with a list of resolutions that, let's face it, will be abandoned within the first month. I'm not going to do that this year. Instead, I will focus on one word, DISCIPLINE. I need more of it, from my eating, to my exercising, to my (gasp) yarn compulsion. Maybe if I just try to practice better habits, rather than setting milestones for myself and being disappointed in myself when I fail, I'll end up getting the things that we all know I truly want.

This year has started off well so far. My best friend and her fiance came to visit on New Years' eve and stayed until the second, as did my older brother. We had a great New Years' eve. We spent it at home, drinking, laughing and roasting marshmallows while the world exploded (fireworks) around us. My neighbors spend a FORTUNE on fireworks. We sometimes join them, but refrained this year. We did, however, decided to blow up a bunch of helium balloons, attach them to glowsticks and release them into the air. I know, I know, it sounds like there was something a little more "recreational" going on, but I promise, we were only drinking... We were even all in bed prior to midnight. I know, we're lame.

The next day we pretty much lounged around all day, watching football, and that night went to the Sugar Bowl to watch the Gators whoop up on the Bearcats. So much fun! We had two Bearcats fans sitting in front of us when the game started, but when they heard how loud Jen and I can scream, they moved over a little ways and by the end of the second quarter, had left entirely. Awww, sucks when your team can't handle the SEC... (sorry to any Cincy fans that might be reading this, okay, maybe not....)

Saturday, everyone left and we began the cleanup from the holidays. Sunday, we lounged and watched football (see a trend in my house). The Saints have had a really disappointing finish to the regular season, let's hope they get their sh*t together for the playoffs. I truly never thought I'd see the day when the Aint's were the top seed in the NFC!

Today, Bean returned to school. She has been eager to return and see all of her friends and teachers and I, quite frankly, needed a bit of a break. I love that I'm the center of her world, but after a while, a little alone-time is a very good thing. I took the opportunity to take the trimmings off the tree and haul it down to the curb. I'm pretty proud of that, it was a big tree and I did it all by myself! So, now Christmas has returned to it's plastic boxes to await release again next year, I just have to bring said boxes down to the warehouse this week and it will be business-as-usual around here once again.

I'm really looking forward to this year, we're hoping to expand our family during the course of it (fingers-crossed). We've also got some really great travel plans brewing, including a trip this summer to Sweden (yes, I've purchased Rosetta stone). I hope you and yours are happy and healthy and that the New Year brings you all that you need and want.

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