Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Resolutions for the day....

I will not wind any new yarn for my spiral sweater until:

1. I go to the gym after dropping Bean off at school

2. I remember to mail my package for my Ravelry swap partner

3. My kitchen is clean

4. My craft room has the appearance of a floor

5. The laundry is folded

6. I've put the sheets back on the bed

7. I rember to make hotel reservations for my family (parents, brother and us) for Disney this fall. Somehow, I volunteered to be in charge, and somehow, I keep dropping the ball.

8. I photograph the stash additions, that, while not hidden from Hubby, were not exactly placed out in the open until he left for his trip this morning.

And, then, and only then, will I return to the obsession that is my spiral sweater.

Anyone think I can actually hold out?

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