Friday, July 31, 2009

On Wednesday I made a to-do list that needed to be taken care of before I was going to allow myself to do any knitting on my spiral sweater. I think I set my bar too high! Although I did get nearly everything done (the hotels for Disney are still not booked, but it's not my fault, we're still not set on exact dates for the trip), I also did not get ANY knitting done until after Bean was in bed. I also did not have any time for posting the promised yarn pictures, so I suppose I will start with those.

I don't think I've made any secret of my love of the Knit Witch's hand-dyed loveliness and she certainly did not fail to please this time. My box was stuffed with such beauty and Icouldn't be more excited to have it in my clutches!

I got three more colors from Brittany's Bridge to the Summit collection. (BTW, if you haven't voted in the sock summit indie dyer contest, go do it now!)

First is Brewtopia:

Followed by Portland Rain:

And Oregon Merlot (I think this one might be my favorite):

I also got another skein of Waters of the Willamette because I didn't want my prize skein to be lonely.

Then I got some her Celestial Cloud yarn in the Aries colorway.

And finally I picked up a little lace weight from her Mystical World line in Fire Nymph(I seem to be obsessed with lace lately, even though I haven't acutally tried it)

Although I didn't get any knitting done during the day on Wednesday, I did get a lot done after Bean went to bed that night. In fact I stayed up far too late, but got within 14 rows of completing the second sleeve on my spiral sweater before having to concede defeat (and exhaustion) and go to bed. I finished it the next morning however, and here are the pictures of my progress so far.

I'm really looking forward to Shelly's next post on working the yoke and finishing, but am also going to try and finish some WIPs while I'm waiting. I still have to do the lining and zipper on the laptop case (I hate pulling out the sewing machine).

I also still have to finish the second Pomotomus sock that I've had to rip out TWICE because I'm an idiot who can't follow instructions. In fact, I decided to start putting in a lifeline every couple of inches so that if I do make a mistake I don't have to rip out the whole stupid thing again. If you've never worked with a lifeline, it's wonderful when you're working with a complicated stitch pattern that's hard to frog. A little crochet cotton worked through the stitches of a row will save you so much frustration and it's thin enough that it won't get in your way as you continue to knit.

In not-knit-related news, today is Bean's last day in her summer day camp program. She's going to be so miserable over the next three weeks until pre-school starts! I'm already planning on taking her to the zoo, aquarium and another trip to Cocoa Beach (we're going to try one more time to catch a shuttle launch), but she seriously loves "school" and gets upset when she hasn't been for a few days. Wish me luck!

I'm also at T-minus six days until my girls' trip to Las Vegas! I absolutely cannot wait! Six of us have a three bedroom suite at the Palms for three nights. Is it a bad thing that I'm already trying to figure out what knitting project to bring with me?


Monkey said...

Ther sweater is looking FANTASTIC! Cannot wait to see it on you.

Sarah B. said...

Me too! I'm want it to wear to Chicago for Hubby's birthday trip next month!

Jenna said...

Have fun in Vegas! We used to live there (what seems like a million years ago) and always had the best time when we played tourist! I am always in awe of your knitting skills! That sweater is looking awesome! And the yarn... I am drooling! I have three Linus blankets in progress and can't seem to settle into one project esp. aftering seeing your awesome laptop cover. :)